EU-GIFT aims to transcend geographical boundaries and open pathways for a borderless exchange of international mobilities, partnerships, multicultural events, and cross-disciplinary curricula where students, teachers, staff, researchers and stakeholders, regardless of their background, have equal opportunities to thrive and succeed in an interconnected world.

Under the EU-GIFT Common Mobility Scheme, the International Mobility Office will define a structured and standardised approach to mobility across Alliance institutions that will encompass diverse and adaptable formats, including physical, virtual, blended, short-term, long-term, and intensive programmes, as well as elective/ optional and compulsory mobility. This approach will aim to foster a more interconnected and globally aware academic, cultural, and professional community among students and staff within the Alliance.

Within the Common Mobility Procedures, the focus is on implementing standardised administrative, sup- port, and management protocols for both incoming and outgoing mobility involving students, academic staff, researchers, and administrative personnel. To ease the integration of international and mobile students, the Buddy Programme will support newcomers in adapting to student life in host cities, facilitating language practice, cultural exposure, and engagement with the international community.

Thus, the EU-GIFT Alliance will emphasise the importance of a multilingual environment, facilitating study in several languages and encouraging the learning of official languages in other Alliance countries. This will be facilitated through Intensive Language Training provided to the entire community and mobile students. Additionally, the concept of multiculturalism within the Alliance will be promoted through cultural courses that explore the historical and cultural identity of the Alliance’s countries, including aspects such as the origins and traditions of their food and beverage products.